We strive to achieve your health goals by providing nutritional, lifestyle and environmental health solutions.

The key to our approach is taking the time to carry out a detailed health assessment. This assists us to:

  • Understand your health needs
  • Identify potential underlying causes of ill-health
  • Provide appropriate, safe and effective treatment
  • Get you back to full health.

By treating the underlying causes of disease, and supporting optimal health, we can utilise our treatment strategies for many conditions. However, below are some of our areas of special interest where nutrition, lifestyle and environmental health play a pivotal role.

We utilise nutritional supplements to correct nutrient deficiencies and as an evidence-based treatment for health conditions. Our supplement range has been carefully selected based on factors such as:

  • Trusted brand
  • Therapeutic dose
  • Low excipient (fillers, flowing agents, thickeners, preservatives)
  • Research
  • Product testing
  • Presence of beneficial co factors
  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Convenient form (tablet, capsule, powder, liquid)
  • Price

We don’t just inherit our genes from our ancestors, we also borrow them from our children” – Unknown

Free Consultation with Health Generation

Health Generation are offering free 30 minute consultations for new clients. This allows us time to assess your health needs and decide if we can assist you further. It also provides you with the opportunity to assess our suitability to your needs and expectations.

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