Weight Loss Coffs Harbour – 25% of young Australians between the ages 2 to 17 are obese.

Weight Loss in Coffs Harbour is a major service that Health Generation offers. The statistics show that as a nation we are becoming fatter and being fat increases your risk of ill-health and prematurely dying. What’s particularly concerning is the increasing rates of childhood obesity in Australia, with 25% of 2-17 year olds now obese. Australia also has the fastest growing rate of infant obesity in the world!

If you’re overweight, losing some weight can significantly reduce your risk of ill-health and increase your quality of life. It is vitally important that overweight issues are addressed at a young age. Overweight children and adolescents are much more likely to be overweight as adults and will also have a higher risk of developing many health conditions.

However, being overweight is usually just a sign of unhealthy nutritional, lifestyle and environmental health choices. Therefore, the goal in any weight loss program should be to implement healthier choices, not just to lose weight. It’s better to be fat and fit than thin and unfit. If you’re making healthy choices we believe that you can still be healthy irrespective of your weight, but it’s likely you’ll be in a healthy weight range.

Although nutrition is at the core of any weight loss program, it requires a holistic approach to maintain weight loss long-term. Therefore, lifestyle and environmental health also need to be considered. For example, there are a number of synthetic chemicals that have been shown to cause obesity in animal models, known as obesogens. Therefore, reducing exposure to these environmental obesogens should be part of any weight loss program. Lifestyle factors are also really important to consider because you need to ensure enough time is available to prepare healthy food and to exercise, two absolute requirements of any weight loss program.

At Health Generation we only suggest weight loss strategies based on sound research. We want to know that the strategies we implement with clients have been shown to increase fat loss specifically.

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Weight Loss Coffs Harbour

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