Nutritionist Coffs Harbour – Rick is a naturopathic nutritionist, but what does that actually mean?

A naturopathic nutritionist is simply a nutritionist who practices within the guidelines of naturopathic medicine, as opposed to conventional medicine, such as a dietitian. This briefly explains the often asked question of what’s the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian. People who decide to seek the services of a naturopathic nutritionist  over a dietitian are probably more sympathetic to the naturopathic medicine approach.

There are six core principles that underpin naturopathic medicine and guide practitioners working in this field. This includes:

  1. The healing power of nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae) – We try to move people towards better health choices because we believe that the body can often heal itself if all of the ingredients for good health are present.
  2. First do no harm – We use treatments that are unlikely to cause harm.
  3. Find and treat the cause whenever possible, not only the symptoms (Tolle Causum) – giving symptom relief is important, but it’s more important that we assess and treat the root cause of ill-health.
  4. Treat the whole person – All areas of the body are interconnected so our assessment and treatments consider the whole person and their whole environment.
  5. Education – we educate clients through effective communication so that they have the power to heal themselves.
  6. Prevention – our main focus is on disease prevention because many diseases, like diabetes, can have serious consequences.

We passionately adopt the above principles because we know that following them can lead to very positive health outcomes for our clients. Fundamental to the above approach is taking the time to listen to people and through listening we understand people and by understanding people we can treat people naturopathically.

Nutrition is such an important part of life, and can be the difference between good health and ill-health. Think about the rise in food related allergies over the past few decades, including food intolerances. Therefore, we understand that the same diet can not be healthy for everyone. People find it hared to believe that following a diet that they thought was healthy is actually doing them harm. We are big advocates of Elimination Diets because they are an inexpensive and effective tool to assess what foods people may be having adverse reactions too. Allergies can manifest in many ways so we believe that an Elimination Diet should be part of the assessment of nearly any health condition.

As a nutritionist, nutrition is obviously the most important assessment and treatment tool for Rick. However, as a holistic practitioner, he is also passionate about improving people’s lifestyle and environmental health choices. With busier and busier lives and more and more chemicals on the market, people need to consider how these forces might be impacting their lives and ways to minimise health risks.

Rick also utilises nutritional supplements when required to support health and to treat certain health conditions. The evidence for the efficacy of nutritional supplements in the treatment of many health conditions is continually growing. Supplements are strictly regulated in Australia.

So, if you have a health condition and you would like someone to work with you to naturally heal and support yourself, give Rick a call. His first appointment is FREE so Book an appointment today.

Nutritionist Coffs Harbour

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